1990 – Repertoire

The 1990 Repertoire:

Tara’s Theme
Charleston Heel and Toe Polka aka Virginia Reel
Virginia Waltz
Showboat Can-can
Motherless Child
ke tu to ka Corrine
Precious Lord, Take My Hand
God Must Be Tryin’ to Tell You Something

from the 1990 DCI Championships program


The wait is over. Spirit of Atlanta is finally playing Max Steiner’s captivating score to the greatest movie of all time, “Gone With the Wind.” The movie, after all, did take place in and around Atlanta, and Spirit’s performance of the sound track is both natural and inevitable. Couple with Quincy Jones’ evocative music from “The Color Purple,” also set in Georgia; Spirit of Atlanta has hit upon a magical combination which has come as a delight to those fans who were praying for the corps to return to their roots.

The show is not a literal interpretation of either movie, nor is it a commentary on some of the social injustices of the time. Rather, it is a tribute to the many facets and rich heritage of Southern music; black and white, symphonic and gospel.

The soaring extended fanfare of “Tara’s Theme” leads into some of the happier musical selections from “Gone With the Wind;” including a reel, waltz and can-can. Ominous sounds lead into the Civil War segment, with fragments of songs and velocity in the drill adding to the sense of foreboding disaster. (Listen for “Dixie,” “Taps” and the tolling church chimes.) “The Color Purple,” commences with “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child” and an Alvin Ailey-inspired guard dance. A drum solo featuring authentic African instruments, chanting and African dance builds to a rousing climax. The final selection is “God Is Trying To Tell You Something,” combining blues and authentic gospel into a celebration of life.

Corps Director:
Freddy Martin
Mailing Address:
2860 Campbelltown Road
Atlanta, GA 30311
Drum Majors:
Natasha Johnson
Mark LeGear
1990 Repertoire:
Selections from
Gone With the Wind
The Color Purple
Program Coordinator:
Tam Easterwood
Michael Klesch (arranger)
Barbara Moroney
Mike Sessoms
Gary Hood
Bob Cowles
Mike Back (arranger)
Leon Burdette
Dan Detweiler
Daryl Foote
Chris Moore
Lori Rushmann
Jon Humphries
Sal Salas (designer)
LuAnn Salas
Brad Caraway
Ken Lamson
Whitney Joy
Joey Morgan
Hobie Pileski
Debbie Chambless