1992 – Repertoire

The 1992 Repertoire:

Songs of the New South:
Ol’ Man River
Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man O’ Mine
Miss Otis Regrets,
For the Beauty of the Earth

from the 1992 DCI Championships program


Spirit of Atlanta celebrates its 15th Anniversary by reminding people that the South is a very traditional yet very modern place. In “Songs of the New South,” the parallels between the corps’ show and the South are notable. The show appears to be a traditional Spirit presentation, full of down-home melodies someone might have sung decades ago while sitting on the porch of an ante-bellum mansion. Yet it is modern in spirit, as each of the songs is performed in an updated version as gleaming fresh as the newest steel and glass skyscraper in downtown Atlanta.

The corps has rediscovered Jim Ott’s classic arrangement of “Old Man River” from the musical “Showboat.” After spiffing it up a bit, the work has been brought back for another spin down memory lane. Barbra Streisand’s rendition of “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man” from “Showboat” uses a horn drill to create stages for guard vignettes, focusing on the traditional image of Southern belles as they anticipate the arrival of their beaus.

The guard lets loose with its contemporary alter-ego in Cole Porter’s “Miss Otis Regrets,” whooping it up at a Saturday night party. The next morning at church, it turns to matters more spiritual in John Rutter’s adaption of “For the Beauty of the Earth,” where the corps pays homage to the tenets of its Southern heritage with “This our hymn of grateful praise.”

corps information:

executive director:
Freddy Martin
Andy Barton
mailing address:
2860 Campbellton Road, SW
Atlanta, GA 30311
drum majors:
Natasha Johnson
Dustin Collins
1992 repertoire:
Songs of the New South
“Ol’ Man River” – Jerome Kern from “Showboat”
“Can’t Help Lovin That Man O’ Mine” – Jerome Kern from “Showboat”
“Miss Otis Regrets” – Cole Porter/Bette Midler
“For The Beauty Of The Earth” – F.S. Pierpoint
DCI board representative:
Bob Hoehn, Jr.
program coordinator:
Tom Grant
brass arranger:
Key Poulan
brass staff:
Tom Grant
Richard Selby
Gary Hopkins
percussion arranger:
Kevin Hammond
percussion staff:
Kevin Hammond
David Coheley
Laurie Ruschman
Benja Russel
Clif Smith
Mark Truitt
Mike Back
visual designer:
Vincent Noble
visual staff:
Dan DiLullo
James Batcheller
Tom Williams
Jeff Thompson
Jeff Jackson
Bobby Fayard
auxiliary designer:
Troy Morgan
auxiliary staff:
Joan Noble
Cynthia Noble
Sharon Martin