1999 – Repertoire

The 1999 Repertoire:

Since I Don’t Have You
Hollywood Nocturne
Jump Jive an’ Wail
Since I Don’t Have You (reprise)

from the 1999 DCI Championships program


History repeats itself. The circular nature of life can be seen everywhere you look. From fashion trends to time-honored traditions, the importance and relevance of how things influence and impact us fluctuates with the rhythm of the nation. The 1999 Spirit of Atlanta brings to us a regeneration of a lost music form, Swing! As it has swept across the country, Spirit will match the never-ending energy of the genre with its performance in the 1999 SUMMER MUSIC GAMES. Inspired by the legends of Louis Prima and Buddy Rich, a new generation of artists honors its roots with new covers of old material and exciting new tunes. The Brian Setzer Orchestra leads the way. Honoring this leadership, Spirit has chosen to title their 1999 program Jump, Jive and Wail! Sit back and enjoy the toe-tapping excitement of the show and the power that could only be the Spirit of Atlanta. The program opens with the big band sound of Since I Don’t Have You, Spirit will let you know to fasten your seat belts. Buddy Rich’s Nutville is next up, and the images of your favorite swing club are sure to appear. Brian Setzer’s Hollywood Nocturne then interceeds, but save your favorite pair of dancing shoes for Setzer’s Jump, Jive and Wail. A reprise of Since I Don’t Have You closes the show and is sure to leave you breathless. Sit back and enjoy that Spirit of Atlanta sound and beware… dancing in the aisle could be contagious!

1999 Repertoire
Jump, Jive, Jazz and Wail
Since I Don’t Have You by James L. Beaumont
Nuttville by Horace Silver
Hollywood Nocturne by Brian Setzer
Jump Jive an Wail by Louis Prima
Reprise from Since I Don’t Have You
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