2001 – Repertoire

The 2001 Repertoire:

Ghost Train by Eric Whitacre


from the 2000 DCI Championships program


The name might take awhile to get used to, but the classic “Spirit Sound” won’t, and that is one reason Spirit from Jacksonville State University is destined to become a crowd favorite in 2001. It’s not easy to pick up stakes and move to another state after almost a quarter century, but the move to Alabama’s JSU is helping to assure that the corps will still be entertaining audiences well toward its 50th Anniversary.

Going backwards in time an equal 50 years, one would find that the Central of Georgia Rail Road served as a vital link between the corps’ original home of Atlanta and the rest of the South, connecting the “Capital of the New South” with Jacksonville, Alabama, 75 miles to the west. This bygone era of reliance on rail travel is captured in the hauntingly intense strains of Ghost Train, based on Eric Whitacre’s evocative Ghost Train Triptych.

The clanging of the bell, the release of pent-up steam, and the metal-on-metal screeching of wheel mechanisms commences The Ride, demonstrating the awsome power of the train that travels to nowhere in the present, but everywhere in the past. This is a past that is remembered fondly, with poignancy, in the bluesy ballad At the Station. It’s “All aboard!” as The Motive Resolution connects the past with the future with a high-speed excursion that whisks the passengers away on a trip to the unknown, nestled deep inside the most distant recesses of their imaginations.

2001 Repertoire

Ghost Train by Eric Whitacre

The Ride

At the Station

The Motive Revolution

Executive Director
Ken Bodiford

Chief Financial Officer
Kevin Price

Legal Counsel
Tommy Maddox

Volunteer Coordinator

Tommy Whitten

Financial/Fundraising Consultant
Paul Milano

Tour Director/Coordinator
Mike Morris

Tour Manager
Mike Miller

Logistics Coordinator
Steve Brewster

Personnel Director
Matt Smith

Program and Instructional Coordinator
Freddy Martin

Brass Staff
Mark Fifer (arranger)
Alan Armstrong (arranger/caption head)

Freddy Martin (caption head)
Karl Lester
Hunter Moss
Paul Scanling
Richard Selby
Mike Sessoms
Matt Smith
Jim Steele
Casey Thomas
Robert Trocina

Percussion Staff
Clint Gillespie (arranger/caption head)
Leif Marwede
Jason Dyhouse
Brian Spring
Joe Tornello
Frank Iglesias
Chris Sherman
Eric Boyd
Kevin Irish
Dan Mihalko
Glenn Webb
Visual Staff
Jack Chambers (designer)

Mark Hoskins (caption head)
Doug Cowden
Heath Hopper
Don Lawrence
Roderic Saunders
Matt Smith
Ricky Tanner
Paul Macarro (consultant)
Patrick Miller (consultant)

Shannon Cypert

Color Guard Staff
Brian Giddens (choreographer/caption head)
Bess Van Leuven
Scott Beck
Megan Feltes
Melissa Mason

Founded in 1976

Jacksonville State University

700 Pelham Road NE

Jacksonville, AL 36265

from a Spirit press release

During its heyday nearly 50 years ago, the Central of Georgia Rail Road served as a link between Atlanta and the rest of the South. Millions of passengers rode the rails, experiencing a patchwork of visual beauty and genteel hospitality. Throughout Spirit of Atlanta’s 25-year history, the corps has been ideologically and musically linked with the South. Thousands of young performers have passed through the ranks of the corps, creating music and memories that live on. If you follow the train tracks 75 miles west of Atlanta you will find yourself in the rolling foothills of Jacksonville, Alabama. The dawning of the new millennium has yielded both a change in location, and the simplification of the corps’ name.

Spirit will never shake the ghosts of the past. Fans have long identified the corps with a “state of mind.” Perhaps it was the pioneering efforts of geniuses who are no longer here in this earthly realm, but are with us forever – Jim Ott and Tam Easterwood come immediately to mind – that keep this flame alive. Eric Whitacre’s haunting composition for wind ensemble, Ghost Train Triptych, provides the perfect “vehicle” for Spirit’s 2001 production, the musical ghosts of the past coloring the scenery along the way.

The clanging of a bell, the release of steam, and the screech of metal-on-metal signals that our journey has begun. “The Ride” is a tour de force of effect and momentum in which you will experience the dizzying speed and immense power of the ghost train. “At the Station” is a poignant remembrance of a simpler time, in which the laid-back spirit of not-so-long-ago summers is recalled in a fresh and moving ballad-and-blues production. Finally “The Motive Revolution” literally propels the audience and the corps into the future with an amazing high-speed production that will leave you gasping for breath. Expect a wild ride like no other in the history of drum corps as the past meets the future in the present. All aboard!