Audition FAQs

What’s happening with the 2021 season?

We have 13 performances planned culminating in Indianapolis. 4 of these performances will be in the Atlanta area. We are committed to delivering on our mission to serve youth.

DCI events in mid-August

What is the audition process for the 2021 Spirit of Atlanta?

Earning a spot in the 2021 Spirit of Atalnta will look very different for 2021. It all starts with your enrollment in our “Let it be YOU” program, which includes our full brass, percussion, colorguard, and visual training and pedagogy content. Look for virtual instruction and audition opportunities to begin in mid-January, with virtual camps and other learning opportunities to run throughout the winter and early spring.

How many positions are available?

We currently have spots in the hornline, color guard and a synth spot.

Will there be winter rehearsals?

Not in person. Unless deemed safe by our local area and unless we can locate safe locations for rehearsals, it is unlikely there will be any in-person rehearsals until the late spring/early summer of 2021 at the earliest. Virtual camps and activities will be the norm as we prepare as best we can for the return of in-person events.

Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone that was eligible to march during the 2020 season will be eligible to march during the 2021 season. If you were born on or after June 1, 1998, you are eligible to march during the 2021 season.

When will we know what’s happening with the 2021 season?

Spirit of Atlanta will perform next summer, regardless of whether a DCI season happens. We expect to field a full drum corps ensemble. We hope to know by January what type of tour is possible and determine our final plans around that time. If a full drum corps isn’t possible due to restrictions, we are already exploring alternative performance modes and methods.

What might this year’s schedule look like?

Spirit of Atlanta will attend the DCI events in Indianapolis on August 12, 13, and 14, 2021. We are also hoping to participate in local performances in the Atlanta area or in the Southern Region during July, depending on pandemic restrictions in place at that time.

Although we do not know what our season has in store for us, the following dates should be held open in the event summer 2021 is a go.

  • Rehearsal One Day Camp – 10 am Saturday, May 15
  • Rehearsal One Day Camp – 10 am Saturday, May 22
  • Rehearsal One Day Camp – 10 am Saturday, June 12
  • Spring Training Move-In – Saturday, June 26
  • Return Home – Sunday, August 15

How much will this cost?

We have just reduced our first year member tuition to $4000. There may be additional discounts available if you have marched before with Spirit or another Drum Corps.  Note that ALL financial obligations must be met in full at the beginning of Spring Training in order to be a member, regardless of when you actually receive or sign your contract.  

Have questions about the 2021 season not answered here?

Send an email with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I become a member?

Start by checking out of all the information on the JOIN page under the section you are interested in or emailing  These are updated in advance of each season.  You can normally expect to see details on auditions, and information about audition materials beginning in late August or early September.  Actual Audition Events will begin in December. 

What are Audition Camps?

They are one-day or three-day auditions.  Camps are three-day events and will be virtual synchronous for 2021.  You will be evaluated individually through a video audition.  It is normal that more than one audition events are required, as we “call-back” some from each as we reduce the pool down to the 154+ members who will be selected.

What’s the show going to be this year?

We are proud to present the “LEGEND of THE BOTTLE TREE” as this season’s production.

What is the practice schedule like?

Between January – April we will hold several weekend camps.  These usually run Friday evening through early Sunday afternoon.  Attendance is mandatory.  In late May we begin Spring Training. (Aka All-Days or Move-Ins).  During this intense 4-5 week period we rehearse 7 days a week for an average of 10-14 hours per day.  This is the intense level of committment and training that separates World Class drum and bugle corps from all other types of marching ensembles. 

Do you have to live in the Atlanta area to be a member?

No.  In recent seasons we have had members from as far away as Belgium and Japan.  However, all travel to and from rehearsal camps is at your own expense.  You should factor this in when planning your drum corps finances.  We do not excuse absences from rehearsals simply for travel issues. 

How many members in each section will you accept?

Spirit of Atlanta will be at the DCI maximum number of 154 members plus 10-12 alternates.  How that number is broken down by section will be determined as the season progresses by the design and instructional teams.

What will I have to do to audition?

Each section of the corps has somewhat different guidelines and they will be outlined on each appropriate Audition Info tab on the website.  Generally, you will be evaluated on your musical/performance ability, physical conditioning, marching and body movement abilities, an interview, and your general attitude during the audition process.

Is there any music I should prepare for the audition?

All audition requirements will be outlined in each specific section’s audition packet.

Can I audition on more than one instrument?

If you choose, yes.  However, consider that your best effort will be required to earn your place in the corps.  Attempting multiple instruments means you would likely miss key instructional time with one section while you were in another, which could hurt your chances in both.  It is strongly encouraged that you perform on the instrument and in the section that you are the best qualified.

What if I can’t make it to any of the audition events?

You will need to communicate that to your Caption Supervisor.  Details about that process will be found on each section’s registration info page.  However, please note that priority is given to those who audition in person.  

Can I audition on my band instrument?

Yes.  For example, if your school uses sousaphones instead of marching tubas, or you play trombone but do not have a baritone, use what you have available.   

What forms do I need to fill out prior to audition events?

As a part of the online camp registrations you will be completing electronic forms that require a signature.  If you are under 18 years of age, a second copt of these must be completed by a parent or guardian.  Make sure you complete all required documents within our UltraCamp system. These include a Participant Handbook/Liability Waiver which outlines all rules and regulations, and a medical release form.  

What is a Membership Contract and how do I get one?

Contracts are awarded once it’s been determined by all staff and administration that you are ready to be a member of Spirit of Atlanta.  This is a legal binding document that outlines in detail all of your commitments to the corps, our ours to our members.  It contains a binding financial agreement that you will meet all financial obligations including tuition, fees, etc.  

Can I audition for Drum Major?

We currently do not have any Drum Major positions available for the 2021 season. If that changes we will make a public announcement.

Will you have any ‘alternates’?

Yes.  We typically contract more members than we have actual positions and designate some of those as alternates.  More information about that process will be discussed when you become a contracted member.  

What can I do to improve my chances of making the corps?

There are many things that will improve your chances. Rehearse like you never have before.  Prepare your body for the intense physical test it will be put through.  Be positive and energetic, and always reflect the ideals and values that we stand for.  Listen to other members and staff and pay attention to the smallest details.  These are all important, but one is more important than all others: ATTEND ALL EVENTS.  A surprising number of people cut themselves every season by not attending rehearsals or deciding not to come back.  If you want to be a part of the Spirit of Atlanta family, it should show in everything you do.

What specifically can I do to prepare and raise my ability to the level you need?

Practice.  Workout.  Practice.  Workout.  Practice.  Workout.  And practice some more.  

Is it possible to learn quickly enough even with no experience?

With no marching or musical experience, it would be very difficult.  People improve greatly as performers in their time with Spirit of Atlanta, but you need a foundation upon which to build.

What is the minimum age you accept?

The vast majority of Spirit of Atlanta members are 17 or older.  It’s not impossible for those younger, but much less likely.  We strongly encourage any members who are under 17 to attend our Audition Camps to gain more knowledge and learn what it takes.  You will become better just by attending.  Ultimately, earning your spot in Spirit of Atlanta is based on performance talent, physical ability, maturity in all ways, and ATTITUDE.

When are membership fees due?

Monthly installments are due beginning in January.  Members who are contracted later in the spring season are required to make larger installments and have a shorter amount of time to be paid in full.  All fees must be 100% paid by the first day of Spring Training.  Failure to meet financial obligations on time will, unfortunately, result in loss of your contracted member status, and likely you will not be able to attend Spring Training. 

What other money will I need?

Beginning at Spring Training and on tour the corps will provide the vast majority of your meals.  The only money you would need to budget for is meals on your off days, occasional meals en route, and laundry and toiletry supplies as needed.  Occasionally additional fees may be required for specific equipment needed by your section.  This can include mouthpieces for brass, undergarments, etc.  

Are there ways to reduce the fees?

We do offer fundraising opportunities from time to time, as well as occasional credits for doing specific volunteer work for the corps.  We strongly suggest you seek out sponsorship and scholarship opportunities from friends, family, alumni, local businesses and other sources.  

Does the corps award any scholarships to members?

At this time the corps does not offer any scholarships for member tuition.  However, there are several scholarships available through DCI, specialty organizations like Marching Arts Education, Friends of DCI, AlumniFunds, and Atlanta CV all-age drum corps.  We encourage you to research these and other schoalrship opportunities. 

Are my tuition and fees tax-deductible?

Although Spirit of Atlanta is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, your tuition and fees do not qualify as tax-deductible donations under current tax laws, as you are receiving goods and services in exchange.  This also applies to anyone donating money for your fees in the form of sponsorships or gifts.

Do your weekend rehearsals conflict with winter percussion competitions?

It is possible.  We always encourage you to keep commitments to your high school and college programs.  However, if contracted you will have an important commitment to Spirit of Atlanta as well.  While we will accommodate when we can, keep in mind that we expect you to attend as much as possible on every scheduled rehearsal weekend.  

Will this interfere with winter guard?

No. After the audition camps, the guard does not typically rehearse again until April – after the WGI season is complete.  If you cannot attend any audition events because of winter guard conflicts, you could arrange a video audition or other arrangement.  Contact the Guard Caption Supervisor if this is something you wish to discuss.

I’m going to be a college freshman next year. What if the season conflicts with orientation at the school I decide to go to?

This is an increasingly difficult question, since a large percentage of our members attend college.  Be prepared and plan in advance.  Each individual situation will be addressed as needed, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer.  Be proactive with your teachers and advisers, but know that you will completely unavailable until DCI Championships is complete.

I am in high school.  Will I have to miss any/much school to join?

There is a wide variety of times that school years begin and end.  It’s possible that your school could be starting before tour is complete, or that your school year isn’t over when Spring Training begins and you have final exams.   Be very proactive and compare your schedules to the DCI and Spirit of Atlanta schedule as soon as they are available.  If you find a conflict, make sure you communicate to both Spirit of Atlanta staff and your school administrators right away.  We will what we can to reasonably accommodate you for the end of school requirements, and many schools will allow you to take exams early if you request well in advance.  Also remember that you will not be home until DCI Championships are over in mid-August, so you will need to plan to be excused from school during any conflicts then as well.  We can help out in dealing with either of these situations by contacting your school principal and providing letters as needed.

How strict are you about attendance over the winter?

Our winter rehearsal time is very limited and we need to provide as much instruction as possible.  Attendance at all rehearsals is critical. Unexcused absences can result in being moved to alternate status or being removed from the corps roster.  It’s crucial that you address any conflicts as soon as possible with both your Caption Supervisor and the Corps Director.  

When are the Spring Training move-ins?

Actual date for move-in changes from year to year, this year they will likely be in mid-June

Does the corps provide housing for members over the summer?

Yes.  Beginning at the first date of spring training you will be housed with the corps full time.  If you choose to arrive sooner, you will need to make your own arrangements for housing.

Can I get in touch with my section’s caption head?

Each caption has a master email address.  You may reach them via email at: