Official Booster Organization

espritdecorpsSpirit of Atlanta has created a new organization designed for support of the corps by parents, alumni, friends, family and volunteers.  Beginning in the Fall of 2016, Esprit de Corps will be the organization who manages all of these important functions that help the members and staff of Spirit.

For its inaugural season, Esprit de Corps will be headed by Perla Middleton, an experienced HR professional whose son Tyler is a returning member of the corps for the 2017 season.  Middleton will create a team of involved Spirit supporters who will work closely with Directors Chris Moore and David Coheley, and Operations Director Jeff Pearson to provide a strong staff of volunteers to assist with rehearsals, tour, and special events.  As an active parent of a young person in music, Middleton knows how vitally important it is to have other parents and supporters active and engaged in the activity.

Middleton says “once you get involved, you’ll be hooked. All of us want the best for our children, and pulling together we can make things happen!  If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years of being involved with bands and drum corps, it’s that the more people used their signature strengths when volunteering, the happier they became. It is a win-win for all.”

volunteers-7Among the key goals for this new group are:

  • Providing an adequate volunteer staff during training and tour
  • Assistance with uniform maintenance
  • Recruiting of volunteers for any SoA sponsored events
  • Administrative assistance in tracking volunteer hours and maintaining a volunteer database
  • Planning and serving as a task force for social events for the corps and corps events
  • Serving as a key communication link between parents and the corps staff
  • Providing support and information for “rookie parents” of drum corps
  • Leading our annual “Sponsor a Meal” program
  • Aiding with other special fundraising initiatives throughout the year

If you would like to be a part of the Esprit de Corps Booster Club, simply fill out this form and indicate your preferences and availability.

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Spirit of Atlanta is a family, and Esprit de Corps gives everyone another way we can all #ComeHomeToSpirit