Code of Conduct



Friends of Spirit, Inc. (“FOS”) is a youth centered Georgia Non-Profit dedicated to providing opportunities in arts and athletic programs to the youth of Atlanta, Georgia, and the South East. All levels of FOS strive to provide high quality educational experiences for our members. In order to achieve and excel at providing these experiences, FOS believes that our entire organization including members, staff, and volunteers must adhere to the same policies, rules and guidelines. Accordingly, SOA has developed the following code of conduct in furtherance of its mission to provide high quality educational experiences and must be adhered to during an individual’s involvement with SOA.

Drugs: FOS is a 100% drug free environment and experience, including the use and/or possession of marijuana. Drugs are not to be used and no member, volunteer, or staff member should be under the influence of illicit drugs at rehearsals, camps, functions, on tour, or at anytime during your participation in FOS, regardless of the age of the performer, staff member, or volunteer and/or the legal status of the drug in a particular location. If the policy is not adhered to, FOS will take corrective action.

Alcohol: Alcohol is not permitted at, or to be used by members, at rehearsals, camps, and on any of the tour regardless of the members age. Staff and volunteers are prohibited from alcohol use or being under the influence of alcohol during any rehearsal (during the off season or on tour), or camp.

Abuse and Threats of Harm: Verbal or physical abuse between members, staff, or volunteers will not be tolerated. Staff, members, and volunteers will not engage in conduct that threatens, endangers, or cause actual physical or mental injury to another. Staff, members, and volunteers will not engage in behavior that poses immediate danger to the life, health, welfare, safety or property of SOA, its members, and volunteers.

Weapons: Dangerous weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Harassment: FOS prohibits bullying, hazing, harassment, sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual acts and/or contact (sexual assault), sexual exploitation, and stalking. It is understood that language, actions, and sexual advances that are not welcomed are inappropriate and unacceptable. This is a place where everyone can feel safe, regardless of age, gender, or orientation, and the organization will take all necessary and appropriate steps to ensure that is the case.

Prohibited Relationships. In order to ensure the integrity of SOA’s educational and performance driven environment; SOA strictly prohibits consensual romantic or sexual relationships and sexual activity of any nature between: (i) the SOA staff and members; (ii) SOA staff and volunteers; (iii) volunteers and members. Sexual contact of any nature with a member under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited regardless of any applicable law or circumstances.

Language: We are judged by our every word and action. The language you use can be offensive. Profanity is not allowed at SOA functions.

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed during your participation in FOS. The policy is that no member, staff, or volunteer can smoke on any school grounds, at facilities, on buses, around vehicles, in uniform, or during meetings. You are not allowed to smoke during rehearsals or on your breaks during the length of the rehearsals.

Attitude: The attitude you bring to and develop is very important. The staff will consider your attitude as you audition. We are an organization with many people, not a specific section or individual. We are all working hard and dedicating ourselves to a common goal. In order to achieve that end, we must all have the same positive approach.

Manners: FOS believes that how you interact with people is extremely important. We will encourage courtesy and manners. We are very fortunate to have many hard working volunteers. These people put in many long hours for no other reason than for the love of the organization. Please take the time to thank the people who make all of this possible.

Stealing: Stealing is illegal and not tolerated. Examples in the past have been taking other people shoes, uniform parts, clothing, wallets, school property, etc. These and any other offenses will be dealt with severely.

When a situation arises that may not be directly addressed by this code of conduct, follow the golden rule and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.