Delta Group

Donate to any fundraising campaign to earn membership in the Delta Group

Since 2016 we have rewarded our most dedicated donors with special reward programs.  Now, we’ve made it even easier to receive exclusive benefits when you earn membership in The Delta Group – with new VIP-level rewards.  You can become a Delta Group VIP member with an annual gift level of $300 – or $25 a month!  And the rewards get even better at higher levels.

Like any rewards program, gifts to the corps accumulate during the fiscal year to increase your reward level.  Of course, the true reward of supporting Spirit of Atlanta is the smile on our members’ faces when they finish their season.  Delta Group members get the added satisfaction of having an even closer connection to the current members  while enjoying the perks they’ve earned!

Some of our best “VIP” rewards include special access like:

  • A Delta Group Membership Badge which shows your committment, and also earns you a 10% discount at the Spirit Store during summer tour
  • Early access to important annoucements about the corps.  Delta Group VIP Members are the first to learn our show theme, see our newest uniform reveals, and have access to members-only live and streamed events including sneak peeks at the show itself – before anyone else.
  • Exclusive access to the BEST available tickets for our home show – Drums Across America-Atlanta.
  • Exclusive access to purchase tickets in the Spirit of Atlanta block at the DCI SE Championships at Mercedes-Benz stadium.  You’ll be able to select your tickets before they are available for sale to the public.

There are more exciting benefits coming in the future.   It’s time NOW to become a part of the Delta Group, and let everyone know that your support for Spirit of Atlanta is strong and proud.

Join the Delta Group today with your donation.  Choose one-time, monthly, or annually.  



Many Ways to Contribute!

You can earn your way into the Delta Group by participating in ANY Spirit of Atlanta support program.  Two of our most popular are:

SPONSOR A MEAL – help feed the members by covering the cost of meals during Spring Training or Tour.  The members love seeing the names of our most dedicated supporters, and are proud to show their appreciation!

SEAT PARTNERS – get partnered with a current member for the entire season and develop a lifetime bond through Spirit of Atlanta.  You’ll have your name attached to the members bus seat, and be able to share special messages and memories.  Seat Partners are a wonderful way to connect our past a present in a meaningful, rewarding way.


Any contribution you make to any Spirit of Atlanta fundraising program or event makes you a member of the Delta Group. Your cumulative annual giving total – during the “season year” that runs September 1-August 31 – determines your level of rewards.  At the $300 level you earn Delta Group VIP status and begin enjoying key benefits and special access to Spirit of Atlanta.

All donors are recognized on our media sites and in our Spirit of Atlanta e-mail newsletters.

Disclaimers:  Rewards subject to availability, and items may be substituted for alternate items of equal value. Additional items may be added at any time. To earn ticket rewards, levels must be achieved at least  by June 1st of the current season.  Board Members and compensated employees of Spirit of Atlanta are not eligible for reward items.

For questions about our rewards programs contact the Program Administrator. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Delta Group