John Armstrong

Staff 1977 – 1988

John was a key part of Spirit of Atlanta from the very beginning, when an Atlanta drum corps was just the idea of a South Cobb band director and some friends. One of the first staff members hired, Armstrong served on the teaching staff for 11 years and handled anything that the staff needed. In his own words, John “taught marching, worked with the horn line, participated in programming meetings, wrote the drill for Let It Be Me in 1978, arranged some music, lined fields, sold souvenirs, taught the original contra line, drove every vehicle Spirit owned, and helped talk Jim Ott into coming to Atlanta.”


Scott Chandler

Designer and Staff Member 1984 – 1988

Scott attended Jacksonville State University as a theatre major and member of the Marching Southerners. He was one of the first male performers in the JSU color guard and a performer with the Southern Lancers and Chapter 5 winter guards. As a student of Sal Salas, Scott performed with the Madison Scouts and The State Street Review. Along with Sal and Tam Easterwood, Scott designed and instructed the award winning Spirit of Atlanta color guard from 1984 to 1988. He has taught numerous drum corps, marching bands and winter guards and worked as a dancer/choreographer around the world. His dance training includes Phil Black and May O’Donnell in NYC. He is currently the Creative Director/Choreographer for the SOKA Renaissance Vanguard of Tokyo, Japan and the Blue Devils of Concord, California. Scott has been inducted into the Hall of Fame for both Winter Guard International and Drum Corps International.


Bob Hoehn

(d. 2007) Co-Founder of Spirit of Atlanta

Bob became the corps’ director (Freddy was President) during Spirit’s inaugural year. He guided the organization financially, logistically, and programmatically during its first few years, as well as navigating the DCI community of judges, rival corps, and administrators across the country. His stature in the larger drum corps community was a significant resource for Spirit and he was beloved by all who knew him. Bob assisted during the difficult mid-1990s, helping the corps secure a sponsorship from Peachtree City which enabled the corps to return after not competing in 1994, and again in the early 2000s when the corps transitioned into Spirit of JSU.


Tommy Maddox

Member 1977-1980 | Staff/Board of Directors 1981-2004

Tommy Maddox was a charter member whose marching career was the beginning of a long affiliation. He served as part of the instructional staff for 12 seasons, also joining the Board of Directors and serving as Chairman. Whether teaching marching, handling business affairs, or being the corps in-house attorney when it was necessary, Tommy always made sure Spirit of Atlanta was always in good hands. Among many contributions, his legal work to help protect Spirit of Atlanta was vital.  Tommy played a key role in creating the 501(c)(3) corporation that still manages the corps today.


Todd Snead

Brass Caption Head 2009-2010, Asst. Corps Director 2011, Executive Director 2012 – 2013

Todd is perhaps best known for providing leadership for the corps through a period that saw Spirit climb back into DCI Finals in 2011, 2012 and 2013 for the first time since the mid-2000’s. The creative and competitive success of the corps under Todd’s leadership tells only a small fraction of the story. Like many of Spirit’s most important leaders and benefactors, the managerial and financial support that Todd brought to Spirit helped Spirit return to national prominence during that important time. He was also instrumental in returning the corps back to its home town and reviving the original “Spirit of Atlanta” name.