Hall of Fame FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Spirit of Atlanta Hall of Fame

Who is eligible to be inducted?

Anyone who contributed to the successes of Spirit of Atlanta throughout the years.  The Hall of Fame seeks to recognize members, staff, volunteers, and others whose presence left an indelible mark on our corps.  The Hall of Fame is open to both living and posthumous nominees.

How are inductees into the Hall decided?

The nominations are a three-part process.   First, open nominations take place in the fall, where anyone may submit a written nomination for Hall of Fame membership.  This nomination should outline the reasons the person is worthy of permanent enshrinement.  Nominations will be shared publicly on our website and social media channels to allow for public comment and discussion of the nominees.  The public feedback is an important part.   Second, the Hall of Fame Committee will review the nominations and meet to narrow the field to a group of Finalists.  They will vet the accuracy of the information and discuss criteria for which nominees to advance.  Third, once the Finalists list has been made public, there will be an official voting period where votes will be submitted from eligible voters. The results of this final vote will determine which of the Finalists will be inducted that year.

How many finalists and inductees are there each year?

There is not a set number.  However, the Hall of Fame Committee will exercise discretion in managing the correct number.  With 40 years of history, there are lots of wonderful candidates to consider, but the Committee will need to manage the length of the Induction Ceremony, associated costs, etc. in determining the numbers each year.

Who may submit nominations?

Anyone.  There is an online submission form that will be open during each year’s nomination window.

Who is on the Hall of Fame Committee?

A selection of Spirit of Atlanta alumni who have volunteered to serve.  The committee is headed by a chairman elected by it’s members.  Every effort is made to ensure the Committee has representation from all eras of Spirit of Atlanta’s history.  If you are an alum of Spirit of Atlanta and would like to be considered for a position on the committee, you may e-mail us at hof@spiritdrumcorps.org   The Hall of Fame Committee is under the supervision of and works in conjunction with Friends of Spirit, Inc., the board of directors who manage the operations of Spirit of Atlanta and it’s affiliated programs.

Who may cast a final ballot for Hall of Fame elections?

Anyone who has contributed to the Spirit of Atlanta organization with an eligible monetary gift of at least $25 during the corps current fiscal year (September 1- August 31).  Your gift can be made via any official corps-sponsored fundraising activity.  Some examples would be contributing to The Delta Group, Sponsor-A-Meal, a one-time donation to the Hall of Fame Fund, or a direct gift through the spiritdrumcorps.org Donate portal.

Do you have to be an alumni of the corps in order to nominate or vote?

No.  In order to offer the widest variety of input to the process, nominations are open to anyone, and final votes are open to anyone who has made at least a minimum financial contribution of $25 to the corps.  The Hall of Fame Committee, however, is comprised solely of Spirit of Atlanta Alumni and they will have their role in the process by narrowing nominees into the list of Finalists.

Why is there a monetary requirement in order to be a final voter?

Two reasons.  One, to discourage any group voting intended to influence the outcome.  Second, and more importantly, to ensure that those who accept this important role of deciding a lifetime achievement award have a commitment to the Spirit of Atlanta organization.  While the expectation is very nominal, we believe this requirement shows a level of involvement beyond that of a casual observer.  Voters will all be stakeholders in the corps, not unlike allowing stockholders of a company to have a vote in the the dealings of their business.   Our three-tiered process allows anyone and everyone to have at least some role in the process.


What is the deadline for nominations?

Nominations will be accepted through December 31st of the current year, for induction the following Spring.

When will the finalists be announced?

The committee will review and vet the lists as soon as possible in January.  We expect the list of Finalists to be announced around the end of January.

When will the actual voting take place?

The voting window for will be from February 1 through March 15.

When is the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony?

The 2018 Induction Ceremony is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 19, 2018.  The location will be announced when arrangements are finalized.  Tickets will be available for purchase through the Spirit of Atlanta website.

How can I become a Sponsor or Patron of the Hall of Fame?

Each year we make available multiple opportunities for contributions to the Hall.  These include sponsorship packages which provide benefits like tickets and VIP amenities, program advertising options to allow you to express your appreciation for nominees and/or inductees, and in-kind support options to help provide needed goods to produce the Hall of Fame Ceremony.  (Donation of hotel rooms or airline miles to offset travel costs, for example.)

I have more questions.  Who can I contact?

Ross Iddings is the current Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee.  You may contact him via e-mail at hof@spiritdrumcorps.org