Image, Branding, and Copyright Policy


This policy was implemented by Friends of Spirit Inc., the parent organization of Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps because the verbal, written, photographic, artistic, and audio-visual images representing the Corps are fundamentally linked to the public’s perception of the organization and to its overall success.  We recognize the significant role that visual depictions of the Corps play in serving its public relations, souvenir sales, support, and recruitment needs and has developed these guidelines to facilitate consistent procedures for the appropriate use of the Corps’ logo, images, messages, and descriptions.

The intent of this policy is to ensure that all imprinted items—drawn, printed, electronic, or web-based documents—and other visual representations identified with Spirit of Atlanta:

1. Present a consistent, professional, and constructive representation of the Corps;
2. Accurately represent the past, present, and future integrity of the organization;
3. Comply with all national, state, or local, legal and ethical standards, including laws and policies governing copyright, libel, sexual harassment, and other content related issues; and
4. Meet the standards, practices, and policies of Spirit of Atlanta, and of Drum Corps International, regarding the use of the Corps name and logo.

Souvenirs, Printed and Imprinted Items

All logos, graphics, photographs, and renderings of the Corps or its uniformed performing members are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws, and are the property of Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps. All rights are reserved. Use of the marks, logos and/or images without the expressed written permission of the Spirit of Atlanta is strictly prohibited.

Spirit of Atlanta maintains exclusivity of their souvenir and logo imprinted merchandise. Independent production, exhibition, or merchandising of souvenir or promotional items bearing copyrighted images is subject to criminal liability and prosecution.

Requests for written permission to use the copyrighted logos and images of Spirit of Atlanta may be addressed to the Board of Directors via our Media Department, or to the Director. You may submit them via e-mail to

Member created designs for section T-shirts, shorts, clothing, and other unofficial memorabilia items should comply with these guidelines; be pre-approved; and all production of said items be coordinated through the Spirit of Atlanta souvenir sales staff.

General Rules in using the Spirit of Atlanta Name and Logo

1. Approval: Before you may use the Spirit of Atlanta name or logo (all forms thereof are the “Marks”) in connection with any personal fundraising campaign, social media campaign, or any other proposed use, you must obtain the prior review and written approval of the Board of Directors of Spirit of Atlanta, Friends of Spirit, Inc. (the “Board”). The Board may, in its sole discretion, approve, deny, or request modifications to the proposed use. You may not initiate any use of the Marks until you have received formal, written approval. This rule also applies to the creation of any social media channel using the Spirit of Atlanta name or marks.

2. Attribution, Legend, and Notice: You must always give proper attribution to the Board as the owner of the Marks. The logos made available to you by the corps include the proper notice and legend.

3. Improper Use: You may not use the Marks in a manner which, in the Board’s reasonable judgment, may diminish or damage Spirit of Atlanta’s goodwill therein. You will immediately cease any such use(s) upon written notification from the Board. Further, you should not take any action which leads a third party to believe or think the Marks are owned by you, or which might adversely impact Spirit of Atlanta’s or the Board’s reputation. You are expected to use the Marks at all times in a manner consistent with trademark laws.

4. Appearance: You may only use the Marks in the presentation and in the manner as provided herein and as approved by the Board.

5. Questions: If you ever any questions about proper use of the marks, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via e-mail. Send inquiries to