InSPIRIT: Our Giving Rewards Program

Spirit of Atlanta at Prelims 2016

Family is what makes Spirit of Atlanta special

InSpiritSpirit of Atlanta is excited to announce the debut of InSPIRIT – our official Giving Rewards program that provides a way to say an extra “Thank You” to all who support our corps.  This program is modeled after popular rewards programs like credit card and airline programs.  Throughout each marching season, Spirit of Atlanta offers many unique ways for fans, friends, family and alumni to contribute to the programs that give our current members an amazing drum corps experience.  Now, the more you are able to help Spirit, the more benefits you can earn for your generosity!  Of course, the true reward of supporting Spirit of Atlanta is the smile on our members’ faces when they finish their season.  But now, we have a way to give something back to those who help make it all possible.

Check out our InSPIRIT page for more details on the rewards.  This list will be evolving throughout the season, so keep an eye out for new additions to the list.

We’re kicking off the InSPIRIT program with a renewed focus on one of our most important options to show your love for Spirit of Atlanta  – The Delta Group.   This simple recurring-donation program provides an important resource stream for the corps to give our members the best equipment, food, training and transportation so they can perform at their highest levels.  Select any monthly donation amount and it’s automatically deducted each month, so you’ll never have to remember to send in a payment.  Just $25 per month helps provide things like bus fuel, sports drinks, and other tour expenses that make the dreams of our hard-working members come to life.  And now, that monthly donation adds up to a great reward for you too!  Joining the Delta Group at $25/month qualifies your for the 3rd level of giving which includes a voting ballot for the Spirit of Atlanta Hall of Fame, a lanyard good for 10% off Spirit gear throughout the tour season, and a special private announcement about our upcoming 2017 production – before the general public finds out.

Spirit of Atlanta has given so much to so many for more than 40 years.  Now, you can support this amazing family too, and pay it forward to the next generation of performers.  Join The Delta Group today – and start earning your rewards at the same time!

InSPIRIT – Because we’re ALL together in Spirit!