Pearl and Adams Equipment Available to Purchase

Last season, Spirit of Atlanta and Adams/Pearl teamed up to create the World-class quality of sound you heard on the field for the production “Crossroads: We Are Here.”  Spirit of Atlanta was proud to be the first drum corps to introduce Adams Marching Brass to the marching activity, and now, you can bring some of that sound you fell in love with home. Both the Adams brass marching instruments and the Pearl percussion equipment are now on sale in the Spirit store.

Percussion equipment can be purchased today, and picked-up or shipped to your doorstep as soon as your order is processed. “Designed to combat the ruggedness of the marching activity, Pearl drums’ and Adams keyboards’ resonant sonority is unmatched in the marching arts,” says Dr. John Cypert, Percussion caption head.  Nick Tucker, 2017 percussion section leader/snare, describes the instruments as “reliable – because they produce a consistent sound that any musician would want to rehearse and perform with.”  The sale includes both battery and front ensemble instruments, which may be purchased together or separately.

The New-for-2017 Adams Marching Brass instruments can be purchased today, and will be available for shipment or pickup after the 2018 Spirit of Atlanta plays their last note of the season.  “The brass staff and members are thrilled to be playing on Adams Marching Brass instruments,” says Spirit of Atlanta’s Brass Caption Head, Dr. Andy Poor.  “Adams has long been the industry standard for brass playing in Europe and their instruments represent the highest standards in craftsmanship and quality.  We are honored to bring those to the competitive fields of Drum Corps International.”  Alyssa Marseilles, 2017 horn sergeant/trumpet player, says she loved playing the horns, and describes them as “open, easy to adjust, and really light.  Basically everything a brass player wants!”

Spirit of Atlanta is excited to continue our partnership with Adams/Pearl, fielding exclusively Adams Marching Brass instruments and Pearl drums for the 2018 marching season.


You may also download a price list with a listing of available instruments.  Quantities listed are subject to change.

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