Seat Partner FAQ

FAQ – Seat Partner Program

Q: What is a Seat Partner?

A Seat Partner is a sponsor who contributes a small amount to personally connect with a current member. By sponsoring that member’s “seat” on the tour bus, the two are linked for the entire season.

Q: Why should I become a Seat Partner?

You will develop a personal relationship with a member who is emerged in a life-changing experience. You will be able to share in some of their successes and memories while being an important part of their summer. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you did something meaningful and important for a young performer and creating a life-long bond through the Spirit of Atlanta family.

Q: How much does it cost?

Each Seat Partner pays $50 to sponsor a seat for the entire season. These funds help offset tour costs for members.

Q: How many Seat Partners will there be?

The corps has 154 members who tour, as well as a number of alternates who travel to be available if needed. Our goal is to have a Seat Partner for every single member and alternate.

Q: Can I have more than one Seat Partner?

Yes! While the goal is to foster as many new relationships between members and supporters, we would accept the same sponsor/partner for up to 4 members.

Q: Do I get to select the member(s) that will become my Seat Partner?

No, an important part of the Seat Partner program is to make NEW connections. To that end, sponsoring your own child or friends you already know does not grow the Spirit family larger – which is a key goal.

Q: When will I know who my Seat Partner is?

Just before Spirit leaves for their summer tour, we will contact each Seat Partner with a photo and bio of their Member Partner, along with their contact information. The members will get the same information about their partners.

Q: Is there something tangible that identifies each pair of Seat Partners?

Yes. Each seat on the bus will have a headrest cover that displays the member name and the name of the Seat Partner. This will be a permanent keepsake for the member to always remember how someone in the real world showed support for them during the summer tour. Spirit of Atlanta will also have a page on the website that shows a listing of the Seat Partners as a “thank you” to all who participate.

Q: What else should I do for my member Seat Partner besides the sponsorship fee?

We encourage all sponsors to actively engage with their member. Send them notes of congratulations and words of encouragement via e-mail and social media. Find an opportunity to take a photo together at one of our shows, if possible. Prepare and send a small care package of treats to be delivered to where the corps is staying in Atlanta for the SE Championships or our Home Shows. Any other creative ways you choose to show your support are welcome.

Q: What would the member Seat Partners do?

They will reciprocate by sharing their stories, photos, and memories along the way via messages and social media. We encourage the members to make their Seat Partners feel as though they are part of the tour and connected to the members on a regular basis.  Communication and building new friendships is the most importantn goal!

Q: How can I get other people to become Seat Partners?

We encourage you to share this program with other friends and family, and people who would enjoy being connected to the activity as well as to the people in our family. The Seat Partner program is a great way to help others discover drum corps, who may have only heard of it but don’t know exactly what it is. By enlisting your neighbors, co-workers, classmates, etc., you are expanding the reach of the DCI activity, and helping us build a much larger Spirit of Atlanta fan base. This only helps our organization become greater every year.

Q: How do I enroll and pay for my Seat Partner sponsorship?

Just follow this link to sign up online. We ask that you provide a photo of yourself, and links to your social media accounts to help us connect you with your selected Seat Partner(s).

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