Seat Partners

Spirit of Atlanta is introducing the opportunity for you to become a personal supporter of our members, and share in their life-changing summer through our Seat Partners program.  Each of the current members of Spirit of Atlanta will be assigned a sponsoring “Seat Partner,” with the goal of growing our Spirit family and introducing people to the excitement of present-day World Class drum and bugle corps.

For a one-time gift of $50 per member, your name will be affixed to the bus seat cover for your Seat Partner, and your member will share stories, photos, and memories with you during the season. This will eventually develop the type of lifelong friendships that only drum corps builds. As a Seat Partner, we ask you to provide words of encouragement, small care packages, and other active engagement to remind them of the fan support they have outside of the drum corps.  You may partner with up to 4 members.

Why become a Seat Partner?  You will have the satisfaction of knowing you did something meaningful and important for a young person, and you will be part of creating a life-long bond through the Spirit of Atlanta family, even outside of the select 150+ that are taking the field.

Learn more about the program by reading our Seat Partner FAQs.