Spirit U Educational Camps

Spirit of Atlanta is proud announce the debut of Spirit U – a brand new program for young marching musicians as well as band directors, boosters, and others seeking to grow in the world of marching music.   The three-day summer “camp” will be June 22-24, 2017

Spirit U is designed to offer hands-on instruction on all instruments in marching bands, combined with courses on marching visual techniques and movement, and leadership and motivational classes that can help shape young performers into better members and student leaders of their school band programs.  Directors and other adult classes will focus on operations and management of programs, dealing with health & fitness issues, using electronics in the modern band world, and other important topics to help directors and adult leaders make their programs better.  The students will study and rehearse in close proximity to Spirit of Atlanta Drum & Bugle Corps, and at the conclusion of the camp they will join in a special performance as part of Spirit of Atlanta’s annual Preview Show.  Spirit U is a fantastic way for young performers to gain up-close exposure to the techniques, skills, and practice methods of a World-Class DCI drum and bugle corps.  For many, this could be a great way to take their passion for music and performing to a higher level.

Gary Gribble, Director Bands at Pope High School in Marietta, GA will head the Spirit U efforts as program director.  Already on board as members of the Spirit U Faculty are widely-recognized educators like Alfred Watkins, Mike Back, Dr.Josh Byrd, Dr.Andy Poor, Scott McCormick and many others.  Gribble says that providing quality instruction is the highest priority in building a strong program like Spirit U.   A  general overview of the course tracks is as follows:

STUDENT SESSIONS  (Thursday 6/22 6pm thru Saturday 6/24 5pm)

Brass/Woodwinds :    Breathing, pedagogy, playing & moving, ensemble skills, endurance and fitness and more.

Percussion/Front Ensemble:  Technique and approach, ensemble  skills, playing and moving, endurance and fitness, and more.

Drum Major/Conductors:  Conducting, leadership skills, rehearsal techniques,  attitude and presence.

Colorguard:  Movement, flag, weapons, dance, ensemble skills, endurance and fitness.

All student sessions include courses in visual movement/dance and leadership/motivation skills.

ADULT SESSIONS  (Saturday 6/24 9am—5pm)

Band Directors:  Program philosophy, role of marching band, legal issues, operations and structure, electronic integration, health & conditioning.

Parents/Boosters:  Advocacy, booster club operations, fundraising, recruiting & retention

Spirit U is a very affordable summer camp option for young people.   Advance registrations for students are $265, and registration is expected to open in March. Adult registration is $100 per person.  Student fees include dormitory accommodations and all meals, while the adult tracks sessions (one-day) include meals.  After June 1st, regular student registrations are $295 and adults are $125.

I want to know more about Spirit U!  Download Spirit U Flyer