Spirit U – FAQ

Are there specific age requirements to participate in Spirit U?

We recommend the students be between the ages of 12-18. Marching experience is not required, however, it is highly recommended that students have at least basic marching band experience.

Do I need marching experience to attend Spirit U?

We recommend that campers attending Spirit U have at least some basic marching experience.  Spirit U is design to grow and enhance skills that have already been taught, and not necessarily as an entry to marching band techniques.

Where will campers stay overnight?

Campers will be housed in a dormitory on a college campus, used exclusively by our members.  We will observe the host school requirements for adult chaperones on campus.  Spirit U takes place on the campus of the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, GA

Can I choose who I room with?

There is a section of your online registration to select a specific roommate.  Both campers must select each other.  We will do our best to accommodate all requests for roommates, but we reserve the right to make adjustments to the rooms list if necessary.

Can I stay off site with my own accommodations and just attend the classes during the day?

No.  For the safety and security of all campers, we require that the entire group be “checked in” and remain on campus for the duration of the camp.  If special circumstances require an exception to this rule, you may contact us prior to registration to discuss available options.

Where will I eat during Spirit U?

Meals during your time at Spirit U are included in your registration fee, and are provided by the campus dining facilities.  You may bring your own personal snacks for in between meals if you choose, subject to the campus rules concerning where food or beverages may be consumed.   There may also be vending machines located in select areas on campus.

What instruments will be included in the instructional portions?

Any instrument that is typically found in a contemporary marching band program.  This includes marching brass instruments, woodwinds, battery and front ensemble percussion/electronics.  We also offer a course for conductors/drum majors, however it is expected that those campers bring their primary instrument as well (if it is a marching instrument), so they can fully participate in ALL sessions of the courses.

What should I bring with me to Spirit U camp?

Most importantly, your own personal or a school-owned instrument.  (Exception: Front ensemble equipment). We will be e-mailing a “packing list” in advance of the start of camp.  This list will include the required and recommended items that all camper should bring.  If you do not have access to an instrument that you can bring , please contact us as soon as possible and we will seek to find an accomodation for you, including a possible rental instrument.

Can parents attend with their kids?

Part of the Spirit U curriculum includes classes designed for parents who are involved in the programs at their schools.  We encourage all parents to register and attend these very helpful classes.  Aside from these classes, parents will not be able to attend the student classes or stay overnight on the campus.

Can I purchase additional Spirit U T-shirts?

Yes.  Additional shirts may be purchased at the time of registration.  A limited number of shirts may be available for sale at check-in, but we strongly suggest you purchase in advance.

Do you offer any type of scholarship to offset the cost of attending?

Yes.  Thanks to grant support from the Georgia Music Foundation, we are able to offer a limited number of scholarships that cover the complete costs of registration.  There are certain eligibility requirements, and scholarships will be selected by a committee.  A written recommendation from a band director is required as part of the application.  The scholarships cover registration, but the campers will still need be responsible for transportation, equipment, and any incidental costs.  Learn more at www.spiritdrumcorps.org/scholarship

How can I contact the organizers with any questions?

E-mail us at spiritU@spiritdrumcorps.org