Virtual Tour 2020

Like all of DCI, Spirit of Atlanta is unable to tour this summer because of the Covid-19 situation. But we’re not giving up our love of great performances by our incredibly talented Spirit of Atlanta members!

Announcing the 2020 Virtual Tour! Enjoy streaming video performances of every Spirit of Atlanta show throughout our storied history.  Check the “Tour Schedule” and see the dates when each season’s show is airing. You can watch the Virtual Tour performances on Facebook Live as a watch party, or on our YouTube channel as a video Premiere. Each Watch Party/Premiere will air at 9:00pm EDT/8:00pm CDT.

Don’t let the 2020 summer go by without your Spirit of Atlanta fix! Save the dates for your favorite shows, or catch up on seasons and shows that you’ve never seen. Since 1977, Spirit of Atlanta has brought amazing shows to the field year after year. What better way to celebrate our love for Spirit of Atlanta this summer!

And don’t forget to check out the Spirit Store online. We are rolling out our entire lineup of new merchandise items for the 2020 season now. No drum corps show is complete without a trip to the merch tent to take home your favorite Spirit gear!

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