Website and Official Communications Policy

Official Spirit of Atlanta Website
The official Home Page of Spirit of Atlanta on the World Wide Web is the document located at

The Board of Directors of Friends of Spirit Inc., the Executive Director, and the Corps’ webmaster share joint responsibility for the general appearance, content, maintenance, and updating of the official website. The Board of Directors shall maintain final responsibility for the resolution of any or all disputes related to website content and design.

Statement of Website Domain Name Ownership
Friends of Spirit Inc., not any individual, regardless of receipt for payment of domain name registration, shall remain the official owner of the domain name and shall reserve the right to determine both the Administrative and Technical contacts for the purpose of domain name registration.

Definition of Official Communication
Material posted to the web page at shall be considered official communication and must adhere to Corps publication policies if it meets all three of the following criteria:
1. It appears on pages bearing the official Domain Name ( ) of Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps;
2. It is intended to convey a message to the public from the Corps as a whole, or from the officers, instructional staff, or other individuals of the organization who have been authorized to submit such messages for posting through the submission procedures described in this document; and
3. It can be accessed by any member of the general public.

Unofficial Communication
The following are not considered official communications of Spirit of Atlanta:
1. Text, images and material appearing on personal web pages; or
2. Material posted by individuals affiliated with the Corps on pages other than that may include the Corps name and logo (used with permission) but whose primary focus is to represent subsections of the Corps and target their communication to those specific audiences.
Unofficial material is the responsibility of the individual posting the information. Portions of the Spirit of Atlanta Logo, Visual Image, and Web Site Policy may be applied as a criterion to unofficial websites prior to having their direct link posted on the official Spirit of Atlanta website. This safeguard is necessary because links between the Corps’ official site and the “approved” unofficial site appear to be seamless to outside users.

Webmaster(s) and Web Authors
The webmaster shall be responsible for the operational and logistical activities required to maintain a continuous web presence for the Corps and shall maintain servers, hardware, and operating/authoring software, or shall develop partnerships with outside organizations for the provision of such services.
To ensure the accuracy of information, a consistent style and adherence to Corps web policies, only a limited number of individuals will be given read/write access to the web server files. These individuals (web authors) are responsible for:
1. Creating and maintaining a consistency of style for all official communication;
2. Working independently, or with Corps officers or staff to create and update official web pages;
3. Working together with those submitting information, and reviewing all documents for accuracy and consistency of style;
4. Placing completed and approved files on the web servers (where they will be available to the public); and
5. Removing expired, excess, or offensive content from the website.
Individuals may be added to, or removed from, the approved read/write web authors list by the webmaster, The Board of Directors, or the Executive Director. The Executive Director and The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the appointment or removal of the webmaster.

Legal and Ethical Standards and Practices
Any information accessible through the Spirit of Atlanta website at, whether official or unofficial, must conform to legal and ethical standards, including laws and policies governing copyright, libel, sexual harassment, and other content related issues. Information distributed on the Corps website must be the intellectual property of the individuals submitting it and must not contain copyrighted material that has not been cleared by the copyright holder for distribution.

Copyright and Permission
All content included on the Spirit of Atlanta website is the property of Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps, and is protected by US and international copyright laws. All rights are reserved. Materials copyrighted or trademarked by Spirit of Atlanta, including, but not limited to, audio recordings, video recordings, logos, graphics, photographic images, print materials and service marks included on this site may not be used without expressed written permission from Spirit of Atlanta. Text may be reprinted and distributed, but may not be altered. No graphics may be used without the permission of Spirit of Atlanta.

Friends of Spirit Inc., may grant permission to use images or materials featured on the Spirit of Atlanta website on a case-by-case basis. Requests for permission must be made in writing (or by e-mail) to the Media Committee of the Board of Directors and must include the name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the individual responsible for maintaining the information on the unofficial site.

The following disclaimer must be displayed on the homepage of an unofficial site using copyrighted items:
Some copyrighted materials on this site are used with permission of Spirit of Atlanta Drum & Bugle Corps. This site is not officially endorsed by or affiliated with Spirit of Atlanta. Please visit the Official Spirit of Atlanta website at

All original materials must be given appropriate credit. Video or still images must be credited to the photographer or video producer prior to publication.

Web Policy Updates
The Friends of Spirit Inc. Board of Directors shall review this policy on an annual basis and recommend changes if warranted.